Leigh Griffiths is an Australian editorial photographer based in South East Asia, currently working for clients such as Airbnb, Travel+Leisure magazine, Ink-Global publishing and Voyeur magazine. Whilst living and working in Sydney, he became a reliable figure as a go-to photographer within the food media industry, shooting for Broadsheet, SBS Food and Timeout Sydney. Creating a name for himself locally, Griffiths went on to work for Australian print magazines such as Australian Traveller and Donna Hay magazine. Moving to Bangkok in 2016 with his journalist partner Eloise Basuki, the duo went on to collaborate on feature stories from across the Asia region for various travel magazines. The pair also publish an internationally award-winning online journal, Strangertalk.co, which won Blog of the Year and Best Travel Blog in the 2017 Saveur Blog awards. Griffiths has since expanded his client-base to include magazines in the region such as Voyeur, Travel+Leisure, JetstarVacations & Travel, Mabuhay and Smile magazines, French indie magazine Dim Dam Dom and, most recently, working as a photographer for Airbnb, shooting interiors in Bangkok for the company’s newly launched high-end Airbnb Plus category. Inspired by his adopted home in Asia, Griffiths continues to expand his skills as a versatile food, travel, interiors and lifestyle photographer.