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Leigh Griffiths is a food, travel and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney, He was most recently the Head Photographer for hospitality agency Serv, responsible for shooting full menus, marketing content and social content for restaurants, cafes and bars in Sydney, Brisbane, Byron, Melbourne, Albury, Wollongong and the Central Coast. During his time at Serv, clients included Porkfat, Tetsuya's, Bentley, Sandoitchi, Double Roasters and more.

Leigh has also spent much of his career shooting editorial content for lifestyle and travel publications, including Broadsheet and TimeOut. He spent three years living in Bangkok, where he was a regular photographer for Travel+Leisure Magazine, The Guardian and Australian Traveller; and shot interior and lifestyle imagery for Airbnb.


While living in Bangkok, he also co-founded an award-winning travel and culture blog with journalist Eloise Basuki, which aims to celebrate people, communities and traditions all over the world.

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