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A whirlwind trip to South East Asia meant I had only two days to spend exploring Thailand's busy city of Bangkok. This short film, captured on my Canon DSLR, shares just a snippet of all the amazing sights, new tastes and beautiful people I stumbled upon while I was there.



November signals Thailand’s winter, when the humidity dissolves and cool winds blow from the country’s northern hills. While it’s hardly cold by Western standards, on the cooler nights we love to stop by Yaowarat, Bangkok’s lively Chinatown, to warm up with a fiery dinner and bag of freshly roasted chestnuts-a symbol of the holiday season. The chestnuts, or gao lak, are slow-cooked on the street in a mixture of black sand and sugar, the secret to their sweet, tender insides. A hot bag of these babies is our Thai #SaveurTraditions.



The Fish Market


Take a look inside Seoul's warring seafood markets. Standing side-by-side, the traditional Noryangjin fish market (and its 90 years of history) is doomed to die thanks to the construction of an 8-level modern market just next door. Read more about this battle between old and new in our latest Strangertalk post

It has come to the end of Strangertalks first rainy season. What better way to tribute the awe of nature than through slow motion video!

Rainy Season




Machromatics was a film and post-production company I co-founded with one of my best friends. With his words and direction and my eyes behind the camera, we created a number of award-winning short films, a documentary, fashion advertorials as well as freelance post-production work.

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Our first 'award winning' short film 'Agora' can be viewed below with the password. Contact me to recieve the password at


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